Amsterdam Mokum Coffee

Mokum coffee is a cocktail composed by Cees Van Wees. Mokum is a popular nickname for the beautiful city Amsterdam.


  • Black coffee
  • Whipped cream
  • Van Wees Advocaat (Eggnog)
  • Van Wees Crème de Mocca
  • Van Wees Anisette
  • Van Wees Cinnamon Esprit
  • Ladyfinger biscuits


Mix one part whipped cream with one part of Van Wees Eggnog. Put 20 grams of Van Wees Crème de Mocca in a large glass. Add the hot coffee. Stir and top the glass with the eggnog mixture.
Garnish the typical Mokum coffee with a few drops of Van Wees Anisette, a spray of Wees Cinnamon Esprit and a ‘ladyfinger’.