Subtle flavors thanks to craftsmanship

Only a few people are aware of the fact that the Netherlands were leading as it comes to distilling. Dutch were highly skilled distillers. They made distilled products out of all types of agricultural products. Their technics were copied worldwide.

Did you know:

  • Dutch were the first liqueur producers in the world?
  • English Gin originated as a variant of Dutch gin because the then king of England, William III (1650-1702), could not be without gin?
  • A number of French cognac houses originally Hollands is?
  • Wine, port, sherry and Madeira were initially shipped by the Dutch?
  • The Dutch developed a distilling technique for sugarcane for the production of rum?

Cultural Heritage

The good taste of the Dutch was unfortunately lost by the commercial mass production of spirits. Because of this, the Netherlands lost it’s trademark. The original Dutch taste and quality of Dutch spirits are superior and need to be preserved, which is why at Van Wees we use the traditional distilling techniques. This means we only work according to the traditional preparation methods with authentic recipes and kettles. We cherish the excellent taste of the past. It is a heritage that we are proud of.