The process

Subtle fragrance and taste through expert craftmanship

At Van Wees and De Ooievaar we distill in fine copper kettles of 240 liters. Through the skillfully distilling of the finest ingredients, we create products with a subtle fragrance and taste. 
Brandewijn and malt wine serve as carriers of flavor. Brandewijn we distill ourselves. Malt wine we buy at malt wine makers. We distill them with juniper berries and herbs another 4th and 5th time. Just like many centuries ago, when fine distillers in Amsterdam bought malt wine from Weesp and Schiedam to refine it.

Only pure natural ingredients

Our products are made of distillates. Creative compositions of natural ingredients, and you will taste just that. Thanks to our knowledge of fruits, flowers, roots, nuts and seeds, we can create a balanced flavor without using any articicial products. Each of our products is the result of using only natural ingredients, derived from the ancient distilling proces.

The distilling technique was developed in the late 14th century. At the end of the 15th century, mainly brandy and malt wines were made. During the following centuries grain distillates were first distilled. But it wasn’t until the 19th century that the fine distilling technique began to fully develop – especially in Amsterdam – to create the genever we still produce today.

Our working method

  • Before we start distilling we fill the boiler with solid and liquid ingredients.
  • Then we heating the kettle to a temperature of about 78 ° C.
  • Brandy (for esprit) or malt wine (gin) and the therein dissolved essential oils separate by evaporating off the water and pull the helmet from the boiler to the rectification compartment.
  • Due to the cooling water running over the outside of the rectification compartment, the vapor condenses. The condensate then drains through a serpentine path in the cooling vessel below, where it further cools down.
  • The concentrated condensate leaves the cooling vessel, via the outlet and is collected there. This creates the ‘esprits’ and genever distillates which form the basis of all our products.
  • The final step is the determination of the alcohol content of the distillate, after which they are stored in barrels, stone pots or stainless steel tanks.