New genever from ancient grain ‘Emer’


A new graangenever has seen the light: Miracle of Amsterdam. What makes this product so special that you must taste it?

Ms. van Wees: “Grain genevers were traditionally made of wheat, rye and barley. In 2013 Slow Food asked me if I was interested in distilling with an ancient grain: emer. In a distant past beer has been brewed from this grain, but it was never used for genever. All the reason for me to take the challenge.’

The result is a brand new grain genever, distilled using traditional methods: Mirakel van Amsterdam (Miracle of Amsterdam).

New: Yuzu Distilled Gin and Yuzulikeur


The gin distillate for this yuzu-distilled gin is distilled according to an authentic gin recipe, using juniper, lemon, coriander, angelica and some other secret ingredients. We imported the yuzu, a Japanese citrusfruit, straight from Japan. Of these fresh fruits we immediately distilled a wonderful fragrant distillate. Our Yuzu distilled gin is a fifty / fifty blend of two spirits, together they are 100% distilled. The yuzu distillate we not only use for the yuzu-gin, but also for our yuzu liqueur. Both are delightful to drink pure. But if you want you can also serve the yuzu-gin with a mint leaf frozen in an ice cube, so that the additional aroma and flavor are released slowly. Cheers!