Do you know?

• That current stock of fossil raw materials will only last for 20 to 200 years if we keep on consuming it as much as we do now? That’s not much.
• That recycling reduces the carbon footprint almost three times more than incineration of waste? That’s a lot.

Producing bottles, boxes and packaging materials requires the extraction of fossil raw materials and energy, which leads to depletion and CO2 emissions. We strive for a more environmentally friendly world with fewer emissions and minimal use of fossil raw materials. This concept is also called “circularity”. A circular economy is seen as the ideal world in which there is no waste and residual stocks are fully re-used with the aim of not depleting finite raw material stocks.

What do we do?


We cannot recycle our drinks, but we try to reuse everything as much as possible. For webshop orders, our products must be packaged properly and securely so that they do not break. The packaging material we use for postal parcels consists of recycled plastic, bags, boxes, paper, etc. We retrieve these from within the company, from our homes or neighbors. Consider, for example, the packaging of new TVs, clothing, tools, and so on. Every little bit helps, which is why we are very happy with your old boxes or packaging materials!


Although it is not as practical, we still work with wooden crates, ancient machines and old equipment. We have been using these from way back and repair them when necessary. “New” does not exist in our dictionary. Not only because we are a company of traditional craftmanship, but also for a number of environmental reasons. Firstly, purchasing new machines and tools requires energy (i.e. CO2 emissions) and the extraction of raw materials. Second, purchasing a new machine, for example, would require us to recycle the old machine. However, it cannot be fully recycled, so there will be residual materials, or put it differently: waste.


We possess IBCs (vol. 1000 liters) in which various ingredients are supplied for our production. Post usage, the IBCs are collected by a company that recycles it. In addition, we offer IBCs at a reduced price so that it can be re-used as a water reservoir. With the prevailing water scarcity, it is important to collect rainwater. Especially in agriculture or horticulture recycling IBCs as water reservoirs can be a solution to reduce depletion of natural water sources.

What can you do?

• Do you have usable packaging materials such as boxes, plastic, cardboard or paper and do you live nearby? We would happily receive it!
• You can bring us your used AVW-bottles so that we can recycle it. The bottles must be clean and intact.
• Would you like to have an IBC as your own water reservoir (e.g. to water your garden)? Please contact us!

Every little bit helps!
Together we make the world greener