Genevers Jonge Wees - Amsterdamsche graangenever 35%

This geneva is a mixture of grain alcohol, pure maltwine and distilled maltwines. It’s our simplest geneva, but compared to […]

Genevers Klarenaer - graangenever 35%

A Dutch genever, old style, made of different types of maltwine, which have all been on oak casks, although we […]

Genevers Loyaal - Zeer Oude Genever 42%

Made of 7 types of maltwine made of different corns. The average age of this maltwine blend is three years. […]

Genevers Loyaal 5 jaar matured on wood - Very Old Geneva - 40%

This Loyaal is matured on wood for 5 years. If you drink the two different ages of Loyaal after eachother, […]

Genevers Miracle of Amsterdam

New in our range Geneva is traditionally made of wheat, barley and rye. In 2013 people from the Slow Food […]

Genevers Old Geneva - Amsterdamsche dubbel gebeid 35%

A refined combination of 100 maltwine, graindistilat and special herbs, that’s distilled twice. This Old geneva is lightly  yellow, which […]

Genevers Pure Malt 3 year matured on wood - in Delftbleu Weesopper bottle 40%

This geneva was developped for the VOC festivities in Amsterdam. The Weesopper geneva, was the only geneva the Admirals of […]

Genevers Rembrandt Korewijn - 40%

Made from several maltwines. Unlike the others, this product mainly consists of pure maltwine and redistilled maltwine. The color is […]

Genevers Roggenaer - Eau de vie of Rye 40%

An Eau-de-vie prepared of the best rye and matured on wood afterwards. Roggenaer tastes tender with the recognizable taste of […]

Genevers Roggenaer 15 years - 40%

The very old brother of the Roggenaer 3 years. Refined, delicate, slightly citrus, a rare product. Only for rye lovers. […]

Genevers Roggenaer 3 Years matured on wood - 40%

Roggenaer is matured on wood for at least 3 years. The flavour of pure rye remains, but developpes into an […]

Genevers Taainagel - sailorgin 35%

This herby-like geneva was called after Cornelis Tromp, a Dutch Admiral in the 17th. century. His nickname was Taainagel. Taainagel […]

Genevers Very Old Geneva - dubbel gebeid 40%

Also made of pure maltwine, distilled as the Amsterdams Oud, but with some different herbs and a different combination of […]

Genevers Very Old Geneva 10 years matured on wood - 42%

This geneva is prepared from select types of maltwine, graindistillat and herbs. It’s matured on oak-wood for at least 10 […]

Genevers Very Old Geneva 15 years matured on wood - 42%

The difference between 10 and 15 years on a cask is easy to taste once you drink them after eachother. […]

Genevers Very old van Wees 20 year on oak

This is the top of the bill, the fine champagne of all Dutch genevas. It’s delicate, smooth and uncomparable. A […]